Return to School 2020

  • Zumbro Education District Return To School Plan (Summary) 

    ZED plans to offer an “Elementary In-Person and Middle/High School Hybrid” learning plan for the fall 2020 school opening on Tuesday, September 8th. A full “Return to School” plan will be coming soon to this space prior to school starting which will fully outline all of ZED’s programming, safety protocols, and guidelines for the 2020-21 school year. 

    Elementary In-Person and Middle/High School Hybrid fall learning option 
         Elementary In-Person: ZED will be having all of their elementary students in-person on Monday-Thursday while following all safety guidelines. This elementary population is only at our ZED South Campus site. On Friday, the elementary students will have distance learning and not be on-site
         Middle/High School Hybrid: A hybrid schedule requires that you have 50% less occupancy that follows strict social distancing and less capacity issues. Our ZED ALC, ZED South Campus, and Transition 2 Success will be having only 50% of their middle/high school students attend in-person. All the students (to be determined later) will be grouped in “A” sections and “B” sections. The “A” group would attend in-person on Mondays/Wednesday while doing distance learning on Tuesday/Thursdays/Fridays. The “B” group would attend in-person on Tuesdays/Thursdays while doing distance learning on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays.
    ***Depending on student need and progress, adjustments will be made for students to attend more in person on a case-by-case basis. 
         Fridays: ZED will not have any students in their facilities on Fridays and the entire district will be distance learning. This will occur so our ZED facilities will have an opportunity to be deep-cleaned on a weekly basis. 

    The ZED Hybrid calendar for 2020-21 is on our website and a link for it is here: ZED '20-'21 Hybrid Calendar

    ZED Student/Family Conferences on 8/31-9/4 
         ZED has decided to have extensive meetings during the week of 8/31-9/4 for all of our ZED student/families. Due to the fact that we haven’t been in person since March 2020 and ensuring all our students start off the school year on the right foot, we wanted to schedule time to reach-out to all families and connect with ZED staff. Some of the items we plan to cover in these meetings include: 

    --Cementing ALC Continual Learning Plans to ensure students (ALC students) on track with credits
    --Having IEP meetings with all students to have due process covered for all learning scenarios
    --Check in on student mental health needs with Fernbrook 
    --Conduct student academic assessments for baseline data (Fastbridge, Learning Live,etc.)
    --Ensure all home technology needs are met (device, hotspot,etc.)
    --Fill out all necessary paperwork to start school (vaccine, breakfast/lunch, handbook,etc.)
    --Opportunity to ease student/family anxiety in returning back to school
    --Connecting and reconnecting with ZED staff in order to start the year strong 

    ZED ALC, ZED South Campus and Transition 2 Success staff will be sending out more detailed information soon about their specific programming as well contacting families to setup possible Student/Family Conferences during the week of 8/31-9/4. 

    Families can choose to opt their student out of any current in-person learning model and go with distance learning at any time. They would just need to contact their respective supervisor of their program. 

    ZED ALC Amy Stites 507-775-2083
    ZED South Campus Duane Ellingworth 507-775-2108
    Transition 2 Success Pat Ames 507-775-2037