Phone: 507-775-2037


Degrees and Certifications:

Melissa Murno

Services Provided Include:

•  Professional development for instructional staff on the purpose and use of measurement in Reading and Math and its direct relationship to instruction.

•  Providing procedural information on curriculum-based measurement and its use and application as a three times per year assessment.

•  Reporting by district, building, grade-level, classroom and student on standardized formative reading assessments.

•  Consulting on instructional interventions to improve the skill levels of students.

•  Application of strategies to relate data and instructional interventions to maximize student progress.

•  Reviewing service delivery models used in districts and schools.

•  Supporting site-level problem solving teams on Response to Intervention, educational interventions and staff development.

•  Scheduling staff development opportunities for Response to Intervention, problem-solving teams, reading and math interventions, administrative and leadership support.

•  Collection and reporting of reading and math data to administrative teams.