ZED Above and Beyond Award

ZED would like to recognize two staff members that were recipients of our 'Above and Beyond' Award. 

  Kelly Ellavsky                             Jessica Falk

Kelly Ellavsky, ZED Physical Therapist, was nominated by many because she goes above and beyond with all the students she serves and parents trust her because she clearly cares about the kids and is extremely dedicated to student success with every decision she makes. Congratulations Kelly! We are lucky to have you on our ZED team! (Pictured on left with Executive Director, Patrick Gordon)

Jessica Falk, ALC Secretary, also received several nominations because she is an amazingly patient person and in an unassuming manner, goes above and beyond taking control of details. Her nominators also said that the ALC is fortunate to have Jessica aboard as she helps keep it together. Congratulations Jessica! The staff and students at the ALC are very lucky to have you as their colleague! (Pictured on right with Executive Director, Patrick Gordon)