Phone: 507-634-2037


Degrees and Certifications:

Ann Vail

Services Provided Include:

•  Supporting families of newborns with hearing loss, delivering direct services to their homes to enhance communication, learning skills, amplification management, and encouragement at the earliest age for acquiring language.

•  Supporting D/HH children to develop age appropriate expressive and receptive communication language skills comparable to their peers.

•  Providing D/HH children with effective and mutually respectful partnerships established between and among educators, families, and programs that serve these children and their families.

•  Assisting families in making decisions with instructional teams for the most effective learning environment based on the child's educational, social, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities and needs.

•  Discussing and evaluating technology to provide unique and necessary communication and educational access. Teaching D/HH students to learn and analyze the technology that helps them solve problems, and make decisions in becoming contributing citizens.