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Becky Remmele, Special Projects Coordinator
Brenda Huemoeller, Administrative Assistant
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    New Legislation to Support Gifted Education.....
    Congress has included several provisions to support high-ability and high-potential learners within the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) which was signed into law last December. New changes will address how the needs of gifted students will be affected in our schools. Several specific provisions to ESSA will include:
    • State and local report cards must now report on student achievement at the advanced level, disaggregated by subgroups.
    • Title I funds may be used to identify and serve low-income gifted and talented students.
    • State plans for use of federal Title II professional development fund must address how the state will enable teachers to identify gifted and talented students and provide instruction based on their needs.
    • Districts receiving Title II funds must provide training to address the learning of gifted and talented students and may provide training to support the identification of gifted students, including high-ability students who have not been formally identified as gifted. 
    Spring 2016 Talent Newsletter
    According to the Minnesota State Department, districts receive $13 per pupil cost unit for each student that is enrolled in their district.