Creative Writing Contest

  • The Creative Writing Contest is open for students in grades 5 through 12. The contest is conducted from September -November. Composition Divisions are 5th-6th Grade; 7th-8th Grade; and 9th-12th Grade. Students write either prose or poetry with winners chosen for each category and division. Top papers are organized into a booklet and Exemplary and Honorable Mention recipients receive a copy.
    For the topic this year students were given the image and caption below to create their own story. The image and caption were meant to be creative writing "starters" and then it was up to the students to complete the tale using their creativity and imagination.
    Creative Writing Contest
    "It wasn't me, I swear"
    '19-'20 Exemplary Recipients
    5th-6th Grade Division-
         Prose - Taylor Sauter - Byron Intermediate School
         Poetry - Alexis Swintek - Pine Island Middle School
    6th-7th Grade Division-
         Prose - Lily Scripture - Kasson-Mantorville Middle School
         Poetry - Mason Simon - Blooming Prairie High School
    9th-12th Grade Division-
         Prose - Asha Lighthizer - Blooming Prairie High School
         Poetry - Alexandria Schar - Kasson-Mantorville High School
    We had 466 writers this year for the Creative Writing Contest with 6 Exemplary Recipients and 94 Honorable Mention Recipients. 
    If you are interested in reading the Exemplary and Honorable Mention Compositions from the '18-'19 year click on the link below.