ZED South Campus

  • 221 2nd Avenue SW  Byron, MN  55920
    Phone: (507)775-2108; Fax: (507)775-2344


    Services Provided Include: 
    The campus offers a number of unique services for students whose individual needs could not be met in the general education setting. Students from ZED member districts who need special education services at a separate site receive individualized instruction through an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
    Services Provided Include:
    • Programming to address the needs of students with an Emotional or Behavioral Disorder (EBD) and students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This includes:
      • Assisting to develop, enhance, and achieve the most appropriate level of behavioral functioning for the student within his/her own community.
      • Providing curriculum and instruction focused on improving social skills and interpersonal communication, while continuing to address academic standards.
      • Developing the students' self-advocacy and self-awareness skills, as well as their post secondary options.
  • Grant Recipient

    Operation Round Up Grant Recipient 

    Jess Frantzen, Art teacher at ZED South Campus, was the recipient of a grant from the People's Energy Cooperative of Oronoco through their Operation Round Up program. The Operation Round Up Trust Board approved a grant of $1,000 in support of purchasing a painting hood fume exhaust system for the art room at South Campus. Currently, there is no adequate ventilation system for the art room. This fume hood system will allow students to safely work with airbrush, varnish, stain, and a variety of other materials. A big Thank You to the People's Energy Cooperative of Oronoco!
ZED South Campus