Traveling Art Show

  • The ZED Traveling and Virtual Art Show begins in February and ends in April. The show will travel to each of our six school districts and be in each location for approximately 6 days of viewing. In addition to the art pieces moving from one district to another, they will be available virtually on the ZED website ( by going to Student Enrichment and then clicking on the ZED Traveling Art Show listing. 

    Students in grades K-12 are invited to participate by working with the art instructors in each of their districts. The art instructors will choose the pieces from their schools to place in the art show. We will be sharing approximately 100 pieces of students' artwork in these shows. The students and teachers work very hard to bring this show to you! Please take time to view the beautiful compositions. 


    The following Traveling Art Show schedule has been set for the 2023-2024 school year:

    Set Up - February 5 Kasson-Mantorville

    February 6 - February 13 Kasson-Mantorville

    February 15 - February 22 Hayfield

    February 26 - March 5 Blooming Prairie

    March 7 - March 14 Stewartville

    March 18 - March 26 Triton

    March 28 - April 5 Byron

    April 9 - April 12 ZED


    April 15 - Artwork returned to the Districts



    Click on the link below to begin the slideshow for the 2024 Traveling & Virtual Art Show:


    2024 ZED Traveling & Virtual Art Show