ZED South Campus

  • 221 2nd Avenue SW  Byron, MN  55920
    Phone: (507)775-2108; Fax: (507)775-2344


    Services Provided Include: 
    The campus offers a number of unique services for students whose individual needs could not be met in the general education setting. Students from ZED member districts who need special education services at a separate site receive individualized instruction through an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
    Services Provided Include:
    • Programming to address the needs of students with an Emotional or Behavioral Disorder (EBD) and students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This includes:
      • Assisting to develop, enhance, and achieve the most appropriate level of behavioral functioning for the student within his/her own community.
      • Providing curriculum and instruction focused on improving social skills and interpersonal communication, while continuing to address academic standards.
      • Developing the students' self-advocacy and self-awareness skills, as well as their post secondary options.

ZED South Campus "Stuck for a Buck" Fundraiser

  •  Dan Przybylski Taped to wall      Michelle Lewison Dunked with water

    ZED South Campus held a "Stuck for a Buck" fundraiser where all the proceeds went to the Women's Shelter in Rochester. The totals raised by ZED staff/students was $731 and over 300 items. For each item/dollar donated a nomination could be made for a staff member to be taped to the wall by the students. Dan Przybylski, Coordinator, was the recipient with the most votes, followed by Michelle Frantzen, who had to endure the results of a mini-water dump tank on her head. A huge thanks to Nicole Bingham, ZED South Campus teacher, for organizing the whole event and making it such a great success.


ZED South Campus