ZED Advisory Council

  • The ZED Advisory Council meets 3X each year and is made up of four representatives from each of the seven ZED District Schools. This includes an Elementary Staff Representative, Elementary Administrative Representative, Secondary Staff Representative, and a Secondary Administrative Representative. The meetings for the '17-'18 year are: September 27, 2017; February 7, 2018; and April 25, 2018. The meetings are held at the Zumbro Education District office and begin at 4:00P.M.
    Blooming Prairie
    Christy Harms
    Chris Staloch
    Janet Luick
    John Worke
    Becky Demmer
    Donita Stepan/Amanda Durnen
    Steve Willman
    Lisa Talcott
    John Howe
    Ariana Wright
    Jamie Skala
    Trent Langemo
    Pine Island
    Kari Nichols/Krista Flaig
    Cindy Hansen
    Nicole Mentjes
    Josh Westphal
    Jen Oelkers
    Steven Gibbs
    Jon Wright
    Nick Jurrens
    Elaine French
    Craig Schlichting
    Patrick Gordon
    Becky Remmele