• Are you concerned about your infant/toddler's development?
    Here are some typical milestones:
    3 Months
    • follows movement by turning head
    • looks at you and watches your face
    • smiles
    • makes cooing or gurgling noises
    • startles at loud noises
    • moves arms and legs easily
    • raises head when lying on tummy
    • cries when hungry
    • takes breast milk or formula every 2 to 4 hours
    6 Months
    • cries when hungry or uncomfortable
    • rolls from stomach to back
    • holds head up without support
    • reaches for and holds objects
    • tries putting everything in mouth
    • turns head toward a person/object that is making a sound
    • babbles (ba ba, ma ma, da da)
    • recognizes familiar faces
    9 Months
    • pulls self along floor on all fours or creeps using hands & knees
    • responds to own name when it is heard
    • says "Mama" or Dada"
    • imitates sounds he/she hears
    • looks without squinting eyes
    • stands, holding onto a support
    • hits two objects together
    12 Months
    • plays "peek-a-boo"
    • waves bye-bye
    • kisses or hugs parent
    • says a few words besides "Mama" or "Dada"
    • reaches for toys
    • walks with one hand held
    • feeds self cookies or crackers
    • drinks from a cup
    18 Months
    • helps get self dressed/undressed
    • feeds self with a spoon
    • likes to help
    • lets you know what he/she wants by pointing or a sound
    • points to things parent names
    • walks without help
    • picks up a Cheerio
    • builds a tower with 3 blocks
    • says 8-10 words
    2 Years
    • listens to short stories
    • turns the pages of a book
    • copies another child's kind of play
    • jumps
    • runs
    • walks up and down steps with help
    • sometimes uses two-word sentences
    • often does the opposite of what is asked
    • will keep busy playing by self for a short time
    3 Years
    talks and usually can be understood
    uses three-word sentences
    tells you who is a boy or girl
    pedals a trike
    kicks a ball that is rolled
    imitates drawing a straight line
    strings large beads
    names at least six body parts